Commercial / Industrial Roofing

At Long's Roofing & Sheet Metal we specialize in multiple applications of commercial and industrial roofing.

  • BiTec™ (Bitumen Technology) is used mostly in industrial applications with heavy roof traffic.
  • Durolast™ is used as a retrofit over R-panel roofs or in industrial and commercial applications with lighter foot traffic.
  • We are also certified by Versico™for EPDM, PVC, and TPO applications.

All of our employees are C-Stop certified. 



One customer wrote:

"It is very much appreciated for the great job you are all doing on the roof. Your work is very professional. You are all very nice & hard workers, especially in cold weather.

It is especially nice that you are on time, clean up your work area before you leave everyday and are doing your best to finish before the bad weather hits. Thanks again."

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commercial roofing

commercial and industrial roofint

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