About Us

The Beginning

Long's Sheet Metal was founded in 1950 by three brothers, Kenneth F. Long, Charles L. Long and David B. Long, Sr., all veterans of World War II.

Originally, Long's Sheet Metal operated out of Camden, Arkansas, where the business was general sheet metal work. After several years in business, the Long brothers took in roofing and changed the name of the business to Long's Roofing and Metal Fabrication Works.

In 1953, David Long, Sr. moved his family to the El Dorado area and opened a second sheet metal shop. Work in the early years consisted of built-up roofing, sheet metal products and air conditioning ducts. After many successful years in business in the El Dorado area, Long's Roofing & Sheet Metal Works was moved to its present location in 1972.

Long's Roofing and Metal Fabrication

In 1955, Long's Roofing & Sheet Metal Works began commercial work for local chemical plants and manufacturing companies-still a major portion of our business today.

After fifty seven years in business together, the Long brothers retired in 2007, selling the company to Kenneth J Long, the grandson of David Long. With the exception of four years of service in the U.S. Navy, Ken has been employed with Long's Roofing & Sheet Metal Works for the last twenty years.

Long's Today

From those first years our relationships have grown with local businesses and industries, and as our relationships have grown, so have our facilities. Our facilities today can accommodate the custom fabrication of products such as tanks, bag houses and pump bases using aluminum, steel and stainless steel and more. And our service area has grown to all of South Arkansas, North Louisiana and parts of East Texas, where we now offer 24/7 Delivery Service to our customers.